Tamie has had a love of crystals for several years. Her first purchase was a clear quartz pendant with an amethyst accent that she still has hanging on one of her altars. Her introduction to gem shows was where her desire to adopt and foster gems truly began. Tamie then found wearing the gemstones brought her a sense of joy and comfort, so she began making gemstone bracelets using dozens of different semi-precious gems and stones. This was a personal hobby; she had a jewelry box full of gemstone bracelets.

In early 2021 Tamie was diagnosed with cancer and during her chemo treatments wasn’t able to work or really do much of anything. She found she could sit for short periods of time and string gemstones however. This not only provided her with something to keep her occupied but it brought a sense of peace and relaxation to her.
Nine months later she received the wonderful news that she was in remission and yet found that she still needed and desired time spent creating. Friends, family and strangers would see her jewelry and often comment ‘you should sell those’. After opening her heart to the possibility, Tamie created Soulful Gemstones to share with others.

Tamie hopes that others will enjoy her creations and receive as much joy and comfort from wearing them as she did creating them. It has been an honor for her to foster these soulful crystals until it was time for them to begin their next journey bringing enjoyment to others.

Blessings of Love and Light, Tamie