Caring for your Gemstone Jewelry

Some advice to prevent putting stress on your bracelet:

~ Put it on and off the right way.
Try not to pull on one end of the bracelet to stretch it over your hand to put it on and off. Instead, roll the beads over your hand and wrist, stretching the elastic as little as possible.

~ Wearing it in the shower, pool or in a spa.
Typically, not recommended, not only will the heat and chemicals wear on the elastic but they could also damage the stones.

~ Pay attention that your bracelet does not get caught on something.
It is strung on Stretch Magic Cord ®, which is fairly reliable, but if pulled taut enough it could snap. If this happens try to save the stones, contact us and if we are able to restring it, we’re happy to do so for a nominal fee + shipping. If you have lost any stones we can see if we can match or substitute other stones* cost and availability at the discretion of Soulful Gemstones.

~ If you want to clean the stones, try one of the following.
Use sage, incense, moonlight or intent. Do not let your bracelet sit in the sun for hours and do not let it soak in salted water. You can use mild soapy water and a soft cloth.

~ Do NOT let your toddler or your pet play with it… We know, we had to state the obvious.
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